Board Meeting Minutes for 3/14/2017


Ross Johnson Chris Wright Jeff Langlinais Jen Dalrymple
Laura Obert Stewart Nash Patrick Plantenberg Victor Sample
Jean Sautter Adam Six Laura Stevenson



Minutes:  FINAL

Attendees:  11; Guests:  1

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES:  MOTION: Pat P.  moved to approve minutes from February 15, 2017 Board Meeting; Jean S.second; Passed.


GUESTS:  Jackie Smith from Radersburg talked about the July 29-30 anniversary event celebrating 150 years for the town and 100 years for the historic church.  Planned activities include vendors, entertainment, street dance, breakfast, church service, a pig roast and tours of Radersburg.


  • Budget Update – Chris
    • Jen – Five boys signed up for Boys State. Would like Rotary to sponsor.
      • MOTION: Adam moved to approve sponsor of two boys for Boys State ($600).  Seconded by Laura O. 
      • MOTION: Laura O moved to approve sponsor of two girls for Girls State ($600).  Seconded by Jean S. 
    • Foundation Centennial Grant application for Head Start projects
      • Had meeting Monday, March 13, at Head Start to lay eyes on projects to be included in the project and brainstorm ideas. Attendees: Laura S, Ron S, Pat P, Hugh V, Chris W, Jean S, Kathy S, Jeff L
    • Fall Fest Meeting Results-budget update
      • Fall Fest – Need to involve new members. ACTION: Pat will contact new members.
    • District Grant (application due March 31)
      • ACTION: Patrick will meet with Sean & Joe to determine needs and costs so we can complete the grant application.
    • Fairgrounds Projects with 4H – Update by Pat P
      • 4H is meeting tonight to discuss helping Rotary with Circus and Movie Night
      • Circus Profits will be shared with 4H if they help sell tickets
      • Drive in Movie Night planned at Fairgrounds in Summer 2017
    • Rotary Records at Museum Progress - Committee meeting report
      • Vic – reported on meeting that was held to determine the process we will follow to digitize and organize Rotary documents


  • Approve $1,000 for Barb Kirscher Endowment at BHC
    • Who is running the endowment? Is it still active?  What happens to the money if the endowment folds? 
    • ACTION: Review Board Minutes to find Motion relating to this topic - JeffL
  • Discuss approving entire cost of PETS for potential young leaders
    • Board approved $3000 for attendees at last meeting.
    • Ross suggests that Club pays for newer (younger) members to attend.
    • Chris suggests making PETS a reward for commitments to the Club.
    • Laura O asked how we can recruit members to be President. Some Clubs incentivize by offering to pay Past Presidents to go to Rotary International Convention.
  • Lifeguard training – Does Club want to sponsor lifeguard training? ACTION:  Adam to get projected cost.

ADJOURN to attend regular meeting

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Langlinais
Club Secretary