Board Meeting Minutes for 4/11/2017


Ross Johnson Chris Wright Jeff Langlinais Laura Obert
Stewart Nash Patrick Plantenberg Jean Sautter Adam Six
Laura Stevenson



ATTENDEES:  Members = 9, GUESTS = 0


APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: MOTION:  Jean S. moved to approve minutes from the March 14, 2017, meeting; Laura O. seconded, Passed.


  • Received Invoice from Josten’s with attached “Thank You” from Wanda Moldenhaur (High School) for contributing to awards ($225.85). Chris doesn’t think we paid anything on this yet.  MOTION: Pat P. moved to pay if we have done that in the past.  Seconded by Jean S. P assed.  Chris will check and pay if we’ve paid for this in the past.



  • Budget Update-Chris
  • Sustaining Members making contributions to the Rotary Foundation: Linda Cousineau, Jennifer Dalrymple, Ross Johnson, Bill Kearns, Philip Knaub, Brian Obert, Pat Plantenberg, Virginia Poole, John Rains, Jerry Rodacker, Laura Stevenson. 
  • $250 check sent for Ag Appreciation Dinner - Ross reported on the event: huge success, well attended
  • Foundation Centennial Grant application for Head Start projects – update by Pat P.
    • Dug out dirt between sidewalk and fence.
    • Attached ledger board to fence and ¾” plywood across gap to prevent kids from falling into gap between sidewalk and fence.
    • Plan to Rotate shed = 15 April, 10-2pm
    • Construct raised beds = 18 April, 12-2pm
  • Fall Fest Meeting Results
  • Budget update - Chris
  • Sponsorship Committee meeting (held April 8) attendees: Patrick, Chris, Jean S., Ross, Gord, and Laura O.
    • Made list of ~150 potential sponsors
    • Would like to have additional volunteers to sell sponsorships
  • Social Media Advertising Plan update
    • Laura Simonich provided Social Media plan
  • Jumbotron – Madison Propane didn’t charge us for electricity last year. Ross discussed with them; they would like in-kind sponsorship this year for last year’s electricity.  ACTION: Provide sponsorship to Madison Propane.
  • District Grant for Skating Rink liner (application submitted by Patrick P. March 31)
    • ACTION: Patrick to contact Mike Evans about lights. Four poles have been donated.
  • Circus Update
    • Circus = June 28; will have two shows 5:00 and 7:30
    • Rotary can put logo on posters
    • ACTION: Pat will put an ad in the newspaper telling the community that telemarketers will be calling individuals to sell tickets (it’s not a scam)
  • Fairgrounds Projects with 4H - Patrick Update:
  • Circus Profits will be split with 4H if they help sell tickets
  • Working on having a Drive-In Movie Night at Fairgrounds in Summer 2017
  • Rotary Records at Museum Progress - Committee meeting report
  • New Member Orientation – at Legion on April 18th
    • Drinks and Pizza 6:00
    • 6:30-7:30 Program
    • Patrick will contact New Members
    • Other members are welcome; ACTION: Please RSVP so we can order pizza.
  • District Conference – April 28-29 in Kalispell; Patrick presenting Public Image Presentation with District Membership Chair; Ross will attend also.
  • Tasmanian Visit –
    • June 3; Will only be in Townsend for the day; will return to Helena in evening
    • Patrick has suggested a 4-wheeler trip through the Elkhorns; Looking for folks to volunteer their 4-wheeler and their time to drive and help guide.
    • Pot luck at Legion


  • A member asked if the Club could hold a fundraiser for a friend in need of financial assistance. Based on our policy (discussed at a recent meeting), we do not hold fundraisers for non-budgeted, non-member causes.  Decided to pass-the-hat at the Regular Meeting.
  • Family Membership - MOTION: Pat moved to allow Family Membership as “Honorary” members. First year fee = $35 ($10 for background check and $24 for annual dinner).  Subsequent years = $24/year. Seconded by Stewart N.    Treasurer (Chris) will include the Family Membership dues in the invoice to the “full” member.
  • 30th Anniversary of Women in Rotary Celebration, Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Helena Sunrise, Saturday, May 6th, 2017, 6-7 cocktails; 7-9 dinner program and dessert auction, $30 per person, Radisson Colonial Hotel, 2301 Colonial Drive, Helena MT
  • Broadwater Educational Foundation will hold its Annual Meeting on Monday, April 17, at 7:00 PM in the Townsend Library Classroom. Rotary donated $1000 last year.  Laura O. will attend.
  • Rotary tent – Chuck Harvey would like to borrow a tent from the club. Board agreed.
  • Lifeguards – Adam S. presented receipts he received for lifeguard training. MOTION:  Adam moved to approve $600 for training; Seconded by Laura O; Passed.
  • Weight Room – MOTION: Adam moved to pay for re-upholstering high school weight room equipment in new gym. Old color = Griz red; now Bulldog Blue.  Laura O. seconded; Passed.  ACTION:  Adam will provide cost to Treasurer.
  • Blackfoot Communications Inc. – Internet provider will have community meeting in Community Room on Tuesday, April 18, to discuss providing Townsend with high-speed internet.
  • Heritage Gardens (Heather Knack) – looking for volunteers for spring cleanup activity.
  • Need a PEN (President Elect Nominee) to serve as club president 2018-2019

 ADJOURN 6:30 to attend regular meeting

Respectfully Submitted
Jeff Langlinais

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