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Board Meeting Minutes for 5/9/2017

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 10/12/2017 - 06:51


Ross Johnson Chris Wright Jeff Langlinais Stewart Nash
Patrick Plantenberg Victor Sample Jean Sautter Adam Six



APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: MOTION:  Jean moved to approve minutes from April 11, 2017 ; Stewart 2nd;  Passed 




  • Budget Update -- Chris
  • Circus is paid, Fairgrounds is paid for circus;
  • Foundation Centennial Grant application for Head Start projects - next workday to be set by Patrick
    • Paint this week
    • Install shed this week
  • Fall Fest Meeting Results -- update Adam 
  • District Grant for Skating Rink liner (application submitted March 31) -- no results yet
  • Circus Update --
    • June 28 two shows 5:00 and 7:30
    • Telemarketing has started;
    • Fairgrounds reserved;
    • Skeeter the Clown will be here June 21
  • Fairgrounds Projects with 4H -- Patrick Update
  • Circus Profits
  • Drive in Movie Night at Fairgrounds in Summer 2017 between August 19-31; still need committee
  • District Conference -- Patrick and Ross attended


  • Women in Rotary Celebration, Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Helena Sunrise, Saturday, May 6th, 2017 -- Patrick report
  • Rotary International Gun Policy changes -- Ross send email with attachments and info to membership.  RI's position is evolving; stay tuned...
  • Rotary sponsorship of Community cleanup on May 13th
    • MOTION: Adam moved to give $250 to Cleanup; Seconded by Jean; Passed
  • Membership at the April 25th meeting asked the board to consider a $500 contribution to the Museum for recording old cassettes to disks help sponsor the cleanup on May 13th
    • MOTION: Chris moved to donate $500 to Museum for digitizing oral histories; Seconded by Stewart; passed.
  • Members asked if a way exists to help new members pay their initial dues. (George and Brigid, Bill Kearns, and Mary Ann Salladay would contribute). Discussion - It's a good idea that needs more thought to emplement in a way that doesn't cause undue burden.
  • Adam S – Townsend Skating Rink submitted 3 x $90 invoices for latrines. Rotary challenged the community to help pay; not sure if any funds came in for that cost.
    • MOTION:  Chris moved to pay balance due this year; Seconded by Vic seconded; passed.  If no one from the community contributes, Patrick will write letter in newspaper.

ADJOURN: to attend regular meeting at 6:30

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Langlinais
Club Secretary