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Board Meeting Minutes for 12/12/2017

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Board Members:

☑ Laura Obert- president ☑ Chris Wright- treasurer ☑ Jeff Langlinais- sec/PE ☐ Linda Cousineau- sgt@arms
☑ Ross Johnson- pastpres ☐ Duane Simonich ☑ Patrick Plantenberg ☑ Victor Sample
☑ Jean Sautter ☑ Adam Six ☐ Laura Stevenson ☑ Charles Slyker - PEN

Members marked with were in attendance

Board Meeting Minutes - APPROVED
DATE: December 12, 2017
8 + 7 guests


APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: MOTION:  to approve minutes from 11/14/2017 – Jean S. moved; Vic S. seconded, Passed.


  • Received about 50 Thank You notes from 3rd grade students who received Rotary dictionaries.


  • Members: Diane Johnson, Bill Kearns & Beth Ihle. 
  • Non-Member Guests: Daniel Wyse, Ronnie Steele & Tommiejo Steele (high school students)


  • Leadership Training for High School Freshmen
    • RYLA Attendees (Daniel Wyse, Ronnie Steele and Tommiejo Steele) presented a proposal to hold a teambuilding event at school for the freshman class.  They already made the proposal to school administration.  The school was receptive and is taking it to the Board.  They asked if Rotary will help fund the event that will cost between $1300 and $3000 – depending on the extent of the event.  Bill K thought that the Broadwater Community Foundation would contribute, and Adam S thought that BCDC would help also.
    • MOTION: Jean S. moved that if the school approves the event, Rotary help fund the event up to $1500.  NOTE: The idea is to use $500 of the $1000 already budgeted for Rotaract then add another $1000.  Motion seconded by Ross and passed.
  • Budget Update – Chris presented the budget and spending-to-date reports.  No questions.
  • Budget Meeting – Interested members to meet 6:30pm December 21st at Jeff’s home (20 Sullivan Ridge Way)
  • Approve MOU and FMP – these documents are required to be submitted by Dec 31.  Board approved by acclamation.
  • Membership Discussion – Bill K reported that members who were dropped at the end of June have been contacted and most want to rejoin. 
  • Wine Basket Raffle – discussion postponed until January.
  • Tina Edelblut, Community Plans – Vic reported that he asked Tina, the owner of the Masonic Temple, how much Rotary owed for electricity and misc. associated with our Sponsor “Thank You” Party we held there.  Tina doesn’t want money.  Instead, she wants to have more events at the facility.
  • Pam Sample, Senior Art Projects – Vic reported that Pam is requesting that Rotary fund $10/person/event for this activity which gets out senior citizens involved in quarterly painting (and other art) projects.  Expected cost is approximately $480/year.
    • MOTION: Ross moved to provide up to $480/year to fund this activity; Seconded by Adam; Passed.
  • Secretary for next year – Jeff L. reported that he talked to Mary Ann Salladay and she agreed to serve as secretary for the 2018-19 year.
  • Laura presented a new program being promoted by District that aims to jump-start club membership by using a "We Notice You" program to help membership retention.  The Plan:
    • Each month, the Sergeant At Arms, Immediate Past President or other appointed member will research something about a club member from family, friends or work associates that may NOT be known at large. 
    • Said appointee will relate to the club one thing he/she learns about the club member being ‘noticed’ while the member is present during the meeting. The information about the member may be funny or not, but the purpose is to have club members feel more connected to the ‘noticed’ individuals and be a conversation starter to encourage interaction/engagement between members. 
  • Bill Kearns ….
    • Asked that an annual budget report be copied to members.  Reply – hardcopies of the budget-to-date and Balance Sheet-to-date are made available at meetings. 
    • He also suggested that an internal audit be conducted from time to time.  Perhaps outgoing president, incoming president and others conduct an audit at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Adam Six – received a request from Elkhorn Vet Clinic for Rotary to pay $175 for electricity used while the Fall Fest jumbotrons was located at their site.
    • MOTION:  Vic S. moved to pay $175 to Elkhorn Vet Clinic; Seconded by Jean; Passed.

ADJOURN 6:17 to attend regular meeting

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Langlinais

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