Board Meeting Minutes for 2/15/2017


Ross Johnson Chris Wright Jeff Langlinais Stewart Nash
Patrick Platenberg Vic Sample Jean Sautter Adam Six
Laura Stevenson



MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: by President Ross Johnson at 5:30PM in the back room of the Mint
APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: MOTION - Stewart N. moved to approve Minutes from the Board meeting held January 10, 2017. Seconded by Vic S.  Passed.

  • Budget Update – Chris presented “Budget Year to Date” and “Balance Sheet”.  After some discussion on expected costs for PETS attendees and how budgeted funding is allocated, a motion was made.  MOTION – Pat P. moved to increase amount allocated to PETS Conference (item 5306) from $2000 to $3000.  Jean S. seconded.  Passed.
  • Foundation Centennial Grant application for Head Start projects is approved and check has been received.  In the Regular Meeting, solicit members to form committee.
  • Fall Fest Meeting Results –
    • Fall Fest will be held Sept 29 thru Oct 1.
    • Subcommittees need to get budgets in by March 7
  • District Grant for skating rink
    • No progress
    • Application due March 31
  • Community Works Grant from NWEnergy - no update. Possible projects:
    • Fairgrounds Light Fixtures Project
    • New Lights and fix sprinkler system in Heritage Park
    • Adam S. says that NWEnergy has extra poles for lighting
  • Fairgrounds Projects with 4H
    • Pat P. talked to Hugh Bratten.  They are eager to help with the Circus and Movie Night
    • Discussed sharing profits from the Circus and Drive in Movie Night at Fairgrounds
    • Share profits with 4H if they help with Fall Fest
  • Townsend Skating Rink Porta Potty - Challenge Grant is in progress
  • Rotary Records at Museum Progress
    • Pat P., Vic S., and Jeff L., met with Linda Huth at the Museum to look over the records and to develop a plan to digitize and make the files searchable. 
    • Pat & Jeff have digitized records from the 1950’s.
    • Vic will develop software tools to facilitate adding digitized docs to make them accessible through the Club’s web site.
  • Discuss Think Tank Meeting January 24
    • Ross sent an email to the membership asking “Why did you join?”  Most feedback says members joined to contribute to the community.
  • Additional Topics? 
    • Discussed Slice of Summer and Fall Fest needs such as a better second grilling stove, another pot and burner to thaw brats, and new “easy-up” shelters to replace ones that were damaged by hail last year.  MOTION – Jean S. moved to approve $1000 to purchase pots, burners and easy-ups.  Stewart seconded.  Passed.


  • Discussed process for terminating membership for those who request it.
    • Member should notify Membership Committee (Club President is Chair of Membership). 
    • Membership Committee will notify Secretary (who will handle termination in ClubRunner), and Treasurer.
    • Members requesting termination:  Daylene Hansen, Jackie Kynett, Mike Stevenson, and Jennifer Stewart.  Secretary will enter in ClubRunner.
  • Joel Brown is approved for membership.  Secretary will add him in ClubRunner.
  • John O’Dell is an interested potential member.  The Board gave approval for Pat to pole the members for feedback before officially reviewing and approving him at a future meeting.

ADJOURN at 6:25 to attend regular meeting

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Langlinais, Secretary