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Board Meeting Minutes for 9/11/2018

Submitted by Jeff Langlinais on Mon, 10/29/2018 - 19:49

Board Members:

☑ Jeff Langlinais- president ☑ Christopher Wright- treasurer ☐ Mary Ann Salladay- secretary ☑ Linda Cousineau- sgtarms
☐ Laura Obert- pastpres ☑ Charles Slyker- presnom ☑ Patrick Plantenberg ☐ Victor Sample
☑ Adam Six Laura Stevenson

Members marked with were in attendance

DRAFT Board Meeting Minutes - Sept 11:

CALL TO ORDER:  5:30 by President Jeff Langlinais

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: MOTION:  Patrick made motion to approve minutes from August 14; Vic. seconded, Passed.


GUESTS: District Governor Rick Moore; Daniel Wyse from Interact



  • Treasurer Update –
    • No year-to-date report; created an updated list of all vendors and sponsors, sponsors = $36,350 to date; Vendors = $8540.
    • All invoices for dues are out; payments are coming in via check and online. When a member pays online, Chris has to change the invoice to pick up the credit card charges. If someone paid an invoice for someone else, they have to put in the name that is in the Rotary International database. Must have the name on the credit card as well and they need to be the same name. Easy to pay online, but does not show how much is due. Have to put in the amount that they are paying and then it goes through.
  • Fall Fest Update
    • Adam: Event prep is going well. Sign-up sheet will go around at the general meeting for food and beer services. Once signup is done, it will be up in the black rotary trailer.
    • Adam: Have a number for Marty Severson - Agreed to $3750 for the stage and an operator, Oct 4-8. Amount is in the budget, amount has been agreed upon and will be paid as the amount is already approved in the budget.
    • Adam will forward an invoice to Chris for “Close Up” of $1020 to pay them for manning the bounce houses at Slice of Summer.
    • Chuck:
      • Hay art is together on the corner, fishermen and dam; still need to put up the banner: "Catch some Fun".
      • Video completed for a 'feel good' piece showing what goes on at Fall Fest. Looking for feedback to see if we are comfortable doing this and do we want to have it out on the website for marketing, social media, etc.
    • Patrick: Sponsorships - Sponsorships are $51,500, heading for $60,000. Interact Budget is short, have talked about paying kids $10/hr. Money from gratuities would also go to interact.
  • Board member at-large:  Effective in July, Ross rotated off of the past president list/board membership. George Jenkins showed an interest in becoming a board member after the last meeting.
    • MOTION: Pat moved to have George as Board member-at-large, Chris seconded; Passed.
  • Bylaws revision update - Jeff and Patrick met; only copy we have of the bylaws is an old pdf copy that does not do well with character recognition, so Jeff retyped them. Charles will be part of the bylaws recognition group. Patrick also reviewed the updated bylaws. Once the revised bylaws are sent out, board member have 10 days to respond to the email. Changes will be highlighted to make it easier to recognize what changed.
  • Potential new members - 5 new potential members: Jody Toney, Keith Hartmann, Jennifer Lane, Jennifer Chamberlin, Kris Nunn.
  • Adam - Should put Keith and Kris on an "I want you to be a member, someday" list. Need to be sure that we don't smother them in our pursuit of getting them to be new members. Keith has an application; has not submitted it yet.  Jeff feels that Kris may show up tonight to pay and finish her membership signup.
  • Patrick - Keith is waiting for the process to be completed for membership. Several members who have been approved in the past, Patrick to follow up with them to see if they still want to be members. Membership process is confusing and needs to be cleaned up to make it more clear for all to follow. Need to adjust the bylaws outlining expectations of the background check. When do we run the check?  Who pays for the check, etc. Does our insurance have any say in who we allow to be a member based on what is found in a background check? As long as the club follows the Rotary Risk Protection process, we should be good for new members who are going to be working with protected groups (per Rick Moore). Background check is required every 2 years, this is part of the budget. Patrick recommends we leave the process as is.


  • Zombie Run time (Vic), looking for a rotary sponsorship $25 would cover that cost.
    • MOTION:  Lauren Stenvenson moved, Linda seconded, passed and approved.
  • Pat P. got a call from the playground person, it is fully funded. In the spring/summer will come to us with help to get it put in the ground.
  • East Helena Boy Scouts looking to build picnic tables as a fund raiser, looking for adult volunteers to help with labor such as running saws, etc.  Looking to build 60 tables.
  • Adam - Town pump matching grant historically has been $7500 in the past for the food pantry. Rotary will donate $1000 toward this effort. Patrick thinks it is in the budget already.
  • Vic - Pam did the Silver Springs art project today; one of the residents told her that when she is coming, the residents get excited to participate. Getting more men to attend.  Linda says that BHC has a resident who is 100 who went to the art project but didn't get to finish, so she went back another day to finish the project.
  • Rick M. reminded us we need to order dictionaries; need to talk to Brad Raucht to get the number of students. Rotary District will honor and help the clubs pay for the dictionaries. This is the last year that the district will do the literary project. It has been concluded that the district will not help with the purchase of the dictionaries in the future. Rick M. is going to see if he can find a grant writer who can write a literacy grant to help cover the deficit.

ADJOURN: 6:30 to attend regular meeting

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane Brown, Acting Club Secretary