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Rotarian Jim Gunderson featured in the Independent Record

Submitted by vsample on Tue, 03/28/2017 - 13:20

Townsend Rotarian Jim Gunderson was featured in the Sunday March 26, 2016 Independent Record in an article titled

"Goose Bay Glass Celebrates 15 Years In Townsend".

Of course, Jim and Terry Gunderson are well known in Townsend. Not only do they own/operate a store to sell their hand-blown glass products, they are also professionals musicians performing with others as "Helena Handbasket". 

Goose Bay Glass is open nearly every day. Visitors to the store are welcome to sit near the workshop and watch Jim and Terry at work hand blowing their glass. It is a treat -- especially on cold winter days!

Townsend is very fortunate that Jim and Terry located their store in Townsend. It is a unique shop and draws visitors. The pins on the map in the store indicating where people live that have bought Goose Bay Glass products is a testament to the popularity of the Gundersons. Their hand blown glass resides all over the United States.

To read the full article on the Independent Record website click on Goose Bay Glass article.