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Regular Meeting Minutes for 5/9/2017

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 07/23/2017 - 20:50


Mary Heinemann Brigid Jenkins George Jenkins Ross Johnson
James Kearns Philip Knaub Jeffrey Langlinais Stewart Nash
Patrick Plantenberg Nancy Putz John Rains Ronald Salladay
Victor Sample Jean Sautter Kathy Sewell Charles Slyker
Christopher Wright





Regular Meeting Minutes - May 9, 2017 - APPROVED




WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: Lauren and Duane Simonich

GUESTS: Mike Harvey

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: MOTION: To approve April 11 regular meeting minutes by Patrick P; Kathy S seconded; Passed.



BIOGRAPHY: George Jenkins

Born in Bakersfield, CA; Raised in Lakewood, CA; Father in Navy. Has five siblings. At 7 yrs old joined Drum Bugle Corps playing drums and horn. At 17, quit school and joined Marines. Started as grunt but became musical corps bugler. Formerly married with two kids. 1980 moved to Sacramento & met Brigid. Started Jenkins Beverage in 1989. Still has a business in CA plus the one in Townsend. Moved to MT in 2015; Duane is handling the business in MT. Hobbies: Scuba, hunting, woodworking, motorcycle sidecards. Joined Rotary with encouragement from Bill Kearns. Serves as Santa in Townsend Christmas walk.


  • Budget Update -- Chris
    • Circus was not in original budget. It is now added. Telemarketing ticket sales have started.
  • Head Start Centennial Grant update -- Patrick set up work day
    • Ron reports that shed is being loaded for transport for delivery tomorrow. Kathy will paint.
    • Wed, May 17, Noon – help build roof between sheds -- volunteers encouraged!
  • Community Clean up – This Saturday is Cleanup Day!!! Update -- Vic
    • Meeting Thursday 8:30 am for final planning
    • Meeting Saturday at new artisan gallery on Broadway at 8:00 am to initialize cleanup.
    • June 17 = community-wide garage sale.
  • District Conference 2017- April 28-29 -- Patrick and Ross report
    • Change coming out of meeting: MT will now be in OR, CA, ID district.
    • Townsend Club awarded “Medium Club of the Year”
  • Tasmanian Visit - June 3. -- Committee: George, Patrick
    • Twelve people coming. Schedule:
    • 1 PM Travel to Townsend
    • 2-5 PM Activities in Townsend (ideas: Float trip Toston to Townsend; Museum; Line Dancing at Legion; Country Swing Lessons at Legion; 4 Wheeler ride in Elkhorns; Swimming at White Sulphur; Need committee) --Patrick,
    • 5:30-8 PM Rotary Potluck in Townsend at Legion
    • 9 PM Return Tazmanians to Helena Walmart Parking Lot (need drivers)
    • Slice of Summer Planning Meeting? -- Ross will check with Adam
  • Update on Peace Park -- Patrick
    • The event had left over money; Rotary will get their money returned.
  • Skeeter the Clown will be in town. Bill K. suggested the Clown visit the elder care home.


  • Rotary celebration of 30 years of women in Rotary -- Patrick reported
  • Rotary International Gun Policy -- Ross
    • Ross emailed info to membership. The issue is still evolving; Ross encouraged patience to see where this leads.
    • MOTION: Bill K moved to approve President Ross’ signing the petition opposing the changes. Seconded by Jean S. 
  • Townsend Rotary was recognized by the District Governor as best medium size club in the district
  • Mike Harvey is putting on an August 18th event at Rodeo grounds; expecting ~2000 attendees. Asked if Rotary is interested in providing beer/wine sales. Club will take it up at the next Board Meeting...... Ross
  • May 11 will be meeting at Broadwater Realty at 5:30pm related to proposed low-income or senior citizen housing.


  • May 13: ~8:00 – Fireman’s pancake breakfast
  • May 13: Community Cleanup Day, call Vic for details and to volunteer
  • May 17: Nursing Home Bingo (Pass around list)
  • May 18: Trivia at Staggering Ox
  • May 20: Museum Open House, 1 pm
  • June 1: BHC Open House
  • June 3: Hosting Tasmanian Friendship Exchange Members. Pot luck at Legion,
  • June 10-14: Rotary International Atlanta Convention - Patrick & Mary,Ross & Diane and Jeff going
  • June 17: County wide garage sale
  • June 28: Circus
  • July 29th: Radersburg 150th Anniversary
  • July 11-15: RYLA Camp, Luccock Park Camp
  • Sep 21-23, 2017: PEACE PARK ASSEMBLY, Waterton Park


  • Ron S – Installed solar array and is making electricity!
  • Chuck S – 50th anniversary celebration with kids in Arizona
  • Bill K – Had medical event that required ambulance. Thankful for ambulance!!!
  • Brigid J – Is taking a job at museum; George is getting back surgery soon
  • Kathy S – Son moved out of her motor home
  • Nancy P – Niece is graduating from Madison High and received full ride scholarship from Buffett Foundation.
  • Patrick P – Last day of work (for second time) is two weeks away
  • Chris W – traveled to NJ to celebrate mom’s birthday … but is so glad to be back in Townsend.

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: No penalties



Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Langlinais
Club Secretary