Regular Meeting Minutes for 6/13/2017


Thunder Boone Randy Brown Joseph Coyne Mary Heinemann
Brigid Jenkins James Kearns KayLynn Murray Stewart Nash
Brian Obert Laura Obert Gordon Pearse Ronald Salladay
Jean Sautter Judy Schenk Duane Simonich Adam Six
Christopher Wright

Rotary Club of Townsend
Regular Meeting Minutes - APPROVED
June 13, 2017

For food and health and happy days
accept our gratitude and praise
In serving others Lord may we
Repay our debt of love to thee.

CALL TO ORDER: Call to Order by Laura Obert @ 6.30. Because there was no quorum at the board meeting, the general membership will vote tonight as needed.  Members attending = 17.

ATTENDEES:  Members = 17, Guests = 0


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: May 23, 2017 minutes unavailable, approved May 9th MOTION: Moved by Jean Sautter and Second by Stewart Nash to approve minutes; Passed.

CORRESPONDENCE: Chris Wright: Thank you's from Nathan (Scholarship); Terry Howie (with donation); Kate LaLacheur (pool training); Christy Young (with donation); John Raines (donation) 




  • Budget Update - Chris: We are in good shape. This is end of fiscal year this month. Request by Mary Ann Salladay about an explanation on family membership rights. Chris Wright said, the family member, i.e. spouse, can attend meetings, is in the Rotary but has no voting rights. Reduced dues charged are to cover security check and Christmas dinner.
  • Thank you to all those who helped with Tasmanian visit especially George Jenkins and Duane Simonich for securing Silver Springs Van. Patrick gave Silver Springs employees and residents free tickets for circus for use of the van.
  • ATV Poker Run results - thank you to anyone who helped
  • Foundation Centennial Grant application for Head Start projects – update: next workday after Ron gets back from Alaska
  • Fall Fest Meeting Results - Lauren and Patrick have finished Fall Fest brochure; Start selling sponsorships; music lineup complete; Bill Kearns inquired re: Fall Fest Music chair for next year. Duane Simonich will be in charge. Discussion of Octoberfest German band, Karla from school and 3rd No German band as they got very demanding and expensive. There is a slot available, Chris had talked to Karla, unsure if the slot is being taken, interest from Karla and 3rd graders was non-committal at this time. Duane Simonich has a sponsorship lined up with McDonald’s in Gallatin County, and his church Townsend First. Bill with help will look into a German-style Octoberfest band for next year. Adam reminisced about the German dog fight of 20??.
  • District Grant for Skating Rink liner - Received approval for $896 out of the $1,000 we requested; Chris expressed that Rotary will find the remainder $104 needed
  • Circus Update - June 28, 2 shows 5 and 7:30; Skeeter the Clown will be here June 21; volunteers needed to help sell tickets; park cars circus day, etc. Bill said this isn’t only for children. He enjoyed it immensely as adult entertainment too! Laura requested for people to help with parking. Oberts, Chris, and Ron will assist
  • Rotary International Gun Policy - Policy rescinded by Rotary International Actually per Laura, this was not ever policy, so all is copacetic; gun raffles etc. are A-ok.
  • Status of scholarship program for young new members or members in financial trouble - update from Board: Tabled as board did not have a quorum. Duane Simonich expressed friends who are interested in joining but the cost is prohibitive.
  • Fairgrounds Projects with 4H - Patrick update from Board meeting on Drive in Movie Night. Laura expressed that as of this time the board is not interested in chairing this event. The screen alone will cost $2500 to rent. Discussion about the fact Townsend First already has movies in park. If anyone in the membership is interested in chairing, the board will support. No one responded. She added that Mike Harvey’s Music event Montanacana requested our help with beer and wine sales. He would split 50/50 and any leftovers could be used at Slice of Summer. Montanakana is on August 19; we need staff from 12-11pm. (plus set up, etc.) This is at the Fairgrounds and volunteers are needed. Brian Obert suggested that we wait and see if Montanacana could be the source of financial funds to sponsor Slice of Summer in the future.  Randy Brown expressed that Nicole and Vogel Family is selling food at this event and wants to use our grill. This is for the High School D.C. trip. He was unsure if they wanted one or both. Also the D.C. group expressed if Rotary could buy the food, and they would pay us back. MOTION: Bill Kearns to loan grill to Vogel family as mentioned, with a $50 cleaning deposit, and they buy the propane. 2nd by Duane Simonich. Passed by group. Issues to clarify: Liability? Sanitation? Insurance? Bill said this would be through the school. Motion on Food: Bill expressed that with a golf tournament held recently and sponsored by The Commericial that this group recently made $4,000 and they won’t need us to buy food. No motion needed.
  • Slice of Summer June 15th – Adam: Need to send around sign up sheet so we know we have people to help set up, run operation, and clean up. Patrick will be back to help clean up.  Adam shared and sent around the sign up for this week’s event.  He was requesting a two hour shift, or more. He has contacted Pastor Terry, in regards to youth groups from local churches monitoring children events, but hasn’t heard back. Food starts at 3:00; other signs/notices were incorrect. Sanitation wants calibration on thermometers, and cooking to be done on concrete. He feels no need for tents at this time. He requested paying a face painter. MOTION: to pay up to $200/event for face painting by Brian Obert, 2nd by Duane Simonich, passed. Band will play, Long Horn Band and Adam will borrow Sharon’s stage which is at Matt’s house. Weather contingent.
  • Ross Johnson, Patrick Plantenberg, and Jeff Langlinais at Rotary International conference in Atlanta. Will be back June 15th late afternoon. Bill Kearns shared that at the conference; Bill Gates has pledged $300,000,000 to Rotary to eradicate polio. This is contingent on $150,000,000 from Rotary.
  • Update from Vic on County-wide garage sale June 17th - Brian O. passed out maps. Vic not present
  • Additional Topics? Lifeguards  Adam shared that Rotary paid to train life guards. He requested Rotary to buy hooded sweatshirts and T-shirts for lifeguards at a cost of $240. (8 guards x $30) and perhaps submit to Community Foundation to reimburse. Bill Kearns expressed that State Bank of Townsend would sponsor this. Mentioned a logo for Rotary on one sleeve and State Bank of Townsend on the other. Since Rotary logo will be sported and modeled by the lifeguards. MOTION: by Chris Wright to split the cost, with one logo on each sleeve, (Rotary and Bank), 2nd by Thunder Boone. Motion passed.


  • Additional Topics? Laura mentioned that the next meeting will be held at Ross’s house as his last Hurrah and Laura’s welcome as president.


  • June 3 – Hosting Tasmanian Friendship Exchange Members. Pot luck at Legion,
  • June 10-14 – Rotary International Atlanta Convention-Patrick and Mary, Ross and Diane, and Jeff are there
  • Canton Church – programs updated by Bill Kearns of program.
  • June 17 – County wide garage sale
  • June 28 – Circus
  • July 29th – Radersburg 150th Anniversary
  • July 11, 1 PM to July 15 12 pm, RYLA Camp, Luccock Park Camp help needed contact Beth. Mary Ann, Thunder, volunteered, with Bill able to drive if needed
  • Sep 21-23, 2017 – PEACE PARK ASSEMBLY, Waterton Park


  • Bill Kearns: Bill Gates’ pledge of support at Rotary.
  • Thunder Boone: her cut Christmas tree from Pat is rooting.
  • Stewart Nash: Grandson graduation.
  • Envelopes went to Fairground lights.

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: no one present to perform this task

FOUR WAY TEST: Of the things we think, do, or say: Is it the TRUTH?; Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it BUILD GOODWILL AND BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?  And is it FUN!!

ADJOURN: 7:27 P.M.

Submitted by Brigid Jenkins

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