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Regular Meeting Minutes for 8/8/2017

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 04/23/2018 - 17:51


Paul Bray Linda Cousineau Bethany Ihle Brigid Jenkins
George Jenkins Diane Johnson Ross Johnson Robin Kirscher
Jeffrey Langlinais KayLynn Murray Laura Obert Patrick Plantenberg
John Rains Mary Ann Salladay Victor Sample Judy Schenk
Duane Simonich Lauren Simonich Adam Six Charles Slyker
Christopher Wright

Regular Meeting Minutes - APPROVED at Aug 22 meeting
August 8, 2017

ATTENDEES: Members = 21; Guests = 5

PLEDGE/PRAYER: For food and health and happy days, accept our gratitude and praise.  In serving others Lord may we Repay our debt of love to thee.

CALL TO ORDER at 6:30 by President Laura Obert


  • Alissa Draper
  • RYLA Attendees: Ronnie Steele, Taylor Noyes, Daniel Wyse, and Parker Hufnagel




  • Each attendee told what attending RYLA meant to them.
  • Daniel Wise wants to restart Interact Club!



  • Budget Update – Chris: Only one month into fiscal year; not much to report yet
  • Activities & Committees Update – Laura: Reviewed committee sign-up sheets & opportunities. Encouraged members to get active by pursuing an activity or project in which they are interested.  Members should focus on a few activities and are not expected to be involved in everything.
  • Slice of Summer – Adam: The last SOS is August 17th.
    • MOTION: Patrick moved to ontrtibute funds from SOS to the proposed Interact Club; no second; motion died. Discussion revealed that funds are already budgeted for Interact.
  • Montanacana Music Festival – August 19: Rotary to sell tickets and refreshments. Sign-up sheet circulated.  Rotarians should wear Rotary shirts.
  • Fall Fest Meeting – August 29: Ross provided a brief report
    • Social media advertising is getting a lot of “hits” and seems to be doing well
    • Brigid has ordered merchandise
    • Pretzels will be sold by Rotary this year
    • Madison River Propane will provide propane this year
    • Some sponsor companies will provide volunteer workers


  • Ross attended Helena Noon Rotary Club and bought four “Women in Rotary” pins that he wanted to give to deserving women in our club:
    • Laura Obert, Jean Sautter, Beth Ihle and Judy Shenk received pins
  • Patrick attended District Assembly in Butte and provided a report:
    • Changes in grant program include requiring only one participant (instead of two) at District Assembly for a club to qualify for a grant
    • The next District Assembly is in Fairmont in April
    • If you go to Butte, consider taking the Cabbage Patch Ghost tour!
  • Vic reported that on-line signup for events is working. Using the on-line signup will reduce duplicate lists and (hopefully) confusion.


  • August 17 – Slice of Summer
  • August 19 – Montanacana music event at Townsend Fairgrounds; Rotary will sell drinks
  • August 29 – Fall Fest Meeting at Betsy, 6pm
  • Sep 21-23 – PEACE PARK ASSEMBLY, Waterton Park



FOUR WAY TEST: Of the things we think, do, or say: Is it the TRUTH?  Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it BUILD GOODWILL AND BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?  And is it FUN!!


Respectfully Submitted,

Jeff Langlinais
Club Secretary