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Regular Meeting Minutes for 8/28/2018

Submitted by Mary Ann Salladay on Sat, 09/22/2018 - 12:17

Rotary Members:

☑ Diane Brown ☑ Randy Brown ☐ Joel Brown ☐ Debbie Clark
☐ Linda Cousineau ☐ Gayle Curtis ☐ Jennifer Dalrymple ☐ Shelley Douthett
☐ Ernest Forrey ☐ James Gunderson ☐ Mary Heinemann ☐ Eleanor Holling
☐ Kyle Hopstad ☑ Bethany Ihle ☑ Brigid Jenkins ☑ George Jenkins
☐ Ross Johnson ☐ Diane Johnson ☑ James Kearns ☑ Robin Kirscher
☐ John Klara ☐ Michele Klara ☐ Philip Knaub ☑ Jeffrey Langlinais
☐ KayLynn Murray ☐ Laura Obert ☐ Brian Obert ☑ Gordon Pearse
☑ Patrick Plantenberg ☐ Virginia Poole ☐ Nancy Putz ☑ John Rains
☑ Gerald Rodacker ☑ Ronald Salladay ☑ Mary Ann Salladay ☑ Victor Sample
☐ Jean Sautter ☑ Judy Schenk ☐ Kathy Sewell ☐ Lauren Simonich
☐ Duane Simonich ☑ Adam Six ☑ Charles Slyker ☐ Laura Stevenson
☐ William Upthegrove ☐ Mary Upton ☐ Hugh VanSwearingen ☑ Christopher Wright

Members marked with were in attendance

Minutes: FINAL

CALL TO ORDER:by President Jeff Langlinais at 6:30 pm at The Mint back room.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS/GUESTS:  Introduced Leadership camp entourage, Karen and Paul Grosz, Jen Lane plus counselors, Daniel Wyse, Parker Hufnagel, Ronnie and Tommiejo Steele, and Olivia Lynn. Campers attending were Will and Sam Lane, Ty Steele and Haven Cooper.  Pam Sample, Ed and Jen Chamberlain and Jodi Toney also joined us tonight.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: MOTION: Patrick moved to approve the August 14th minutes and Robin seconded it. Motion passed.

CORRESPONDENCE:  A thank you from the RYLA kids was passed around.  A picture of the Girl’s State group, of which Rotary sponsors two girls was also shared with members.

AWARDS:   Jeff explained that Paul Harris was a Chicago Lawyer who was one of the three founding fathers for Rotary which was established in 1905.  The Paul Harris Award goes to someone who contributes to the Educational and humanitarian programs.  Patrick Plantenberg becomes a double Paul Harris Fellow.  Jeff presented him with his pin. CONGRATULATIONS!


·     RYLA Camp, Part 1:  We sent eight kids to camp, the most and the fest from our town. Haven was sponsored by the Helena Sunrise club.  Haven stated she felt shy at first, but after isolating herself the first day, she sought out people and made many friends.  She feels more empowered now.  Ty thought he gained even more confidence in a positive way.  He came back and wrote a song in one day.  He wants to let people know they can trust him and hopes he can help other kids strive to be their better selves.  Parker talked about his junior counselor experience. He said it was even better than his time before.

·     Brigid Jenkins thanked RYLA kids for their help last year with Fall Fest.  Vic also shared that BCF is donating $1000 towards expenses for the Freshman camp.

·     RYLA Camp, Part 2:  Karen Grosz, head of the Leadership program shared her background and that it was her third time doing the program with the Townsend school kids, Eighth graders and Freshman.  The previous RYLA students act as counselors for the various small groups formed.  It gives all groups a sense of ownership and control.

o  Karen also shared her knowledge from running a consulting company.  Her company is Canvas Creek consulting. She is speaking to all Rotary clubs around the state sharing Townsend’s successes. She strives to teach about people being accepting and kind to classmates and seeing the best in others.  (Jeff shared his story about picking the kids up from camp and having to wait until all the hugging and crying was over.)

o  Karen is in the process of starting an E club (children 18 years or older) made up of RYLA graduates.


·     Recent Activities:

o  The last SOS was August 16.  Adam reported that it went well and there are no plans to change it much in the future. There will be a debriefing meeting after Fall Fest.

o  Head Start Lawn – Several of the Interact kids helped Patrick replace the dead lawn by the Head Start building.  Sod Works donated the sod.  Go by and check it out!

o  Patriot’s day celebration will be September 9th. Vic stated this will be the second annual, and was started by the American Legion post to celebrate the work of our first responders in town, such as the Ambulance crew and Search and Rescue.  Last year $4500 went to he Ambulance.  Rotary helps monetarily and buys plastic supplies.

o  Girl’s State:  No report as Chris is gone.

o  Board members are needed, four to be exact.  If Jodi Toney becomes a members, she’d be willing to serve.  If interested, call Jeff or Charles pronto.

o  President Elect Nominee is needed and would serve after Charles is president.

o  Committees is tabled until next the next meeting.  Jeff asked us to be thinking about which committees we’d like to serve on.  Reminder too about the Membership committee.  Potential new members are approved by the board and their names are presented to the general membership.  Members can write a denial to the Board about any one of the candidates. Potential members are then invited to an informational meeting and finally to a regular meeting.  They can fill out a membership form and pay their dues and become regular voting members.

o  Hay Art will be worked on this weekend if Charles and Jeff get the bales delivered.  They are planning for Saturday morning from 9:00 to 10:00.  There is also going to be an article in the paper soon about the Bale decorating contest.  Watson Irrigation has donated $500 towards this contest.

o  Heritage Park sign has been power washed and re-stained by Connor Smith and Iain Scott along with Ron’s supervision.


·     ByLaws need updating and review.  Patrick shared it was discuss at the Board meeting that we change the wording of the ByLaws so the current Interact club President can be a voting Rotary member and can attend Board meetings.  Patrick, Charles and Robin will form a ByLaws committee to work on this. Bill Kearns encouraged all Interact kids to attend our regular meetings and he will pay for their dinners.

·     Fall Fest Update:  Patrick did an interview for FF recently.  Robin said articles for the paper deadline date is August 30th. Good to know!

·     Contract Labor for Fall Fest can be discussed with Adam after the meeting.


·      August 29th – Freshman Leadership camp at Heritage park.

·      September 4th-is the next Fall Fest meeting in front room of the Betsy at 6.

·      September 9this Patriot’s Day from noon until 3:00 in the multipurpose room.

·      September 11this next Board Meeting at 5:30 and Rotary meeting at 6:30. DG Rick Moore will be visiting that night.  Jeff and MaryAnn will be gone.

·      September 18this the next Fall Fest meeting, front room of Betsy at 6.

·      September 19this BINGO at Nursing Home at 6:30.  No volunteers yet.

·      September 20this the Helena Sunrise Trivia night at the Staggering Ox.  Time?

·      September 25this the regular Rotary meeting in back room of the Mint at 6:30.

·      October 5 – 7this our annual Fall Fest.  ARE YOU READY?!


·     Beth Ihle said her last child, Gracie, is off to college. Beth is leaving us to work in Silver City, New Mexico. We shall all miss her positive vibes.

·     Ron gave two “sad” bucks for Beth leaving us.

·     Bill Kearns told us that Opportunity bank has bought his family bank and that the two will be merging into one.  A happy yet sad occasion for him.  Also his new haircut reflects that he is now a young, professional athlete. No more banking for him!

·     Jeff Langlinais loves riding around in his little red convertible.  His son had never seen this car run, but Jeff got the kinks out.  He drove it to Helena recently doing 70 mph and happened to see a boat for sale along the way.  He stopped and bought it on the way home.  It happened to be Diane Brown’s husband’s boat.  What a deal!

·     Diane sold her boat and took a trip back to Iowa with her sone to visit family.  SWEET!

DRAWING: was won by Mr. John Rains. Congrats!

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS:  John did the honors collecting money for non-pin wearers.

FOUR WAY TEST: Of the things we think, do, or say: Is it the TRUTH?  Is it FAIRto all concerned? Will it BUILD GOODWILL AND BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIALto all concerned?  And is it FUN!! 

ADJOURN:8:15 to the bar where drinks were on Beth to celebrate her new job. Thanks!

Respectfully Submitted,
MaryAnn Salladay, Club Secretary