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Regular Meeting Minutes for 5/14/2019

Submitted by Mary Ann Salladay on Wed, 05/22/2019 - 11:48

Rotary Members:

☑ Jenni Bonser ☐ Nichole Brown ☐ Randy Brown ☐ Diane Brown
☐ Jennifer Chamberlin ☑ Philip Clark ☐ Debbie Clark ☐ Linda Cousineau
☐ Gayle Curtis ☐ Jennifer Dalrymple ☐ Shelley Douthett ☐ Ernest Forrey
☐ James Gundersen ☐ Keith Hartmann ☑ Mary Heinemann ☐ Eleanor Holling
☐ Albertina Homann ☐ Kyle Hopstad ☐ Bethany Ihle ☑ Brigid Jenkins
☑ George Jenkins ☐ Diane Johnson ☑ Ross Johnson ☑ James Kearns
☑ Robin Kirscher ☐ John Klara ☐ Michele Klara ☑ Philip Knaub
☑ Jennifer Lane ☑ Jeffrey Langlinais ☐ KayLynn Murray ☑ Kristine Nunn
☐ Brian Obert ☑ Laura Obert ☐ Gordon Pearse ☑ Patrick Plantenberg
☐ Virginia Poole ☑ Nancy Putz ☑ John Rains ☐ Gerald Rodacker
☐ Ronald Salladay ☑ Mary Ann Salladay ☑ Victor Sample ☑ Jean Sautter
☐ Judy Schenk ☐ Kathleen Sewell ☐ Serebrena Short ☐ Duane Simonich
☐ Lauren Simonich ☑ Adam Six ☑ Charles Slyker ☐ Ty Steele
☑ Laura Stevenson ☑ Jody Toney ☑ William Upthegrove ☐ Mary Upton
☐ Hugh VanSwearingen ☑ Christopher Wright

Members marked with were in attendance



05-14-19     DRAFT

CALL TO ORDER:By President Jeff Langlinais at The Mint back room at 5:30.

GUESTS: Sabrina Hahn and Savanna Delger from FCCLA                                                          

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: MOTION: Patrick moved that the previous minutes from April 23, 2019 be approved. Bill K. seconded the motion.  Motion was passed. 

BIOGRAPHY:  Patrick Plantenberg was born in Richmond, MN.  He was one of ten children in his family. Graduated as a salutatorian. He lived in a Catholic and very conservative community.  He worked for the state of Montana for 29 years.  He came to the club cause of the money and support, he needed for a 6 million dollar project and he could only get it if he was a Rotarian. So, he joined the club. What a gift he has been for Townsend Rotary.  Thanks, Patrick!

FOUNDATION MINUTE VIDEO:  1917 - Doing Good In the World, connecting, teaching and healing. In 2017 the mission will continue for another 100 years.

PROGRAM:  Family Care Community Leaders of America. Sabrina Delger and Savanna Hahn presented information about their group, which has about ten active members.  Both girls won awards in their fields of expertise. The FCCLA is hosting a Basketball tournament this weekend and a bake sale next weekend to raise money as the girls travel to Anaheim, CA to compete in June.  The cost is $2000.  We passed the hat and donated $400 to their cause.

CORRESPONDENCE: Rick Moore wrote to thank everyone for their help at the District Convention in Helena.  Six of our members attended.   Kindergarten Thank Yous for cookies.  


·      District Conference Update:  Six members attended the event in Helena.  Event is online so that other Rotarians can get in on sessions.  Jen Lane got to talk with different club advisors. She got lots of ideas and noticed so many differences in how clubs are run.  Talked to Bozeman club and talked about starting a SW Montana connection.

·      Interact Update from Jen Lane- Jen thanked everyone for the Trivia Night event and all of the help from new members and George and Brigid.  We raised almost $7500, which was $4000 more than their goal.. Thinking of giving some donations to Maya Pedal and a women’s group down there.

·      Potential new members have not communicated back with Patrick.

·      Jen shared that their June Summer project is painting Rotary sheds and Clean up at the Canton Church. Afterwards, they are having a celebration for the three senior interact kids graduating this year.  Many thanks again for our support.

·      BCF grant – Chuck’s son made video on Fall Fest, so we want a report on it.

·      Spots left on the Board.  We have two openings.  These should have been done by December 2018.   Next meeting we will have nominations and fill these spots.


·  Treasurer Update: Chris reported that there is one month left of the Rotary year and we have more than enough funds to get us through. We had less expenses this year. 

·  Board Update:  

o  No need for a 501c(3), just contribute donations to the District Rotary Foundation and it will come back to our club.  Some discussion on this so, we will investigate it further.

o  Rotarian and Interact shirts, perhaps vests.  If Jeff has enough $ we will get them.

o  Jen Bonser will work with Jeff to put a few meetings online for active members.

·  Scholarship Update by Bill Upthegrove.  There were 12 applicants for 5 scholarships.  Scholarships are Frank Holloway for $1500, Rotary for $1000, Mel Potruff for $1000, Paul Bray is $1500 (needy) and Interact for $1500.  Committee members are Phil Clark, Bill, Robin, Nancy and Jen L. Some suggestions from applicants for what we could do as a special project for Townsend are old and young pickleball or cornball tournament, backpack programs for weekends, Earth day program, Vendors and fun on Main street, helping with a Summer Reading program.  All good suggestions from seniors at BHS to investigate later.

·  Potential Project: We will do Senior Center uplift or Legion remodel.  Haven’t heard about District decision yet.  BCF gave $3000 to help fund these projects.

·  We will fund part of George’s trip to Guatemala.

·  Adam offered to help with repairs on the Climbing Wall so we could use it during SOS and Fall Fest.

·  Slice of Summer dates will be the 4thThursdays in June (27) and July (25) and August 15thwhich is the third Thursday.  If we decide to do brats again, Adam and Brigid agree that we will have to have manpower.  MOTION:  Pat moves that Lions can sell hot dogs for SOS, but not brats.  Seconded by Toni.  Motion carried.

·  Fall Fest’s next meeting will be Tuesday, May 21st, 6:00 at the Lodge.

·  Circus refresher course from Patrick.  We need lots of helpers to sell tickets and then help with parking cars, taking tickets, etc.

·   Eleanor Holling recently died.  She became an honorary member after her husband’s death.    

·  Community Clean up will be May 18thin conjunction with Patrick’s school clean up. Vic needs volunteers and names of people who need help.  DOT donated garbage bags.


·   May 15th– BINGO with Jeff and Jen Lane at Nursing Home.

·   May 16th– Trivia at the Staggering OX

·   May 18 -  Community Clean Up starts at 8:00 – 5:00, at school community room.

·   June   1- Interact clean up at Canton Church & painting Rotary sheds. Celebrate later!

·   June   6- Farmer’s Market starts.

·   June  8 – ATV Run

·   June 22 – Community Garage Sale

·   June 26 – Circus

·   June 27 – First Slice of Summer

·   July  9 – 13 – RYLA Camp, hopefully seven total kids attending from Townsend.

Happy Bucks:

·  Jeff Langlinais – Our bathroom is finished as I put in pocket doors.

·  Brigid – Thank you for all the Sympathy cards for George’s Dad and daughter.

·  Jen Lane – Thanked us again for the money raised at Taco Trivia and all the help.

·  Phil Knaub – figures he has only five more years of Government work!

50/50:   Money will go to Interact Club.

SERGENT AT ARMS:  Collected from members not wearing pins.

ADJOURN:  President Jeff adjourned the meeting . 

Respectfully submitted, MaryAnn Salladay, Secretary