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Regular Meeting Minutes for 5/28/2019

Submitted by Mary Ann Salladay on Mon, 06/17/2019 - 19:25

Rotary Members:

☑ Jenni Bonser ☐ Nichole Brown ☑ Randy Brown ☑ Diane Brown
☑ Jennifer Chamberlin ☑ Philip Clark ☐ Debbie Clark ☑ Linda Cousineau
☐ Gayle Curtis ☑ Jennifer Dalrymple ☐ Shelley Douthett ☐ Ernest Forrey
☐ James Gundersen ☐ Keith Hartmann ☐ Mary Heinemann ☐ Eleanor Holling
☐ Albertina Homann ☐ Kyle Hopstad ☐ Bethany Ihle ☐ Brigid Jenkins
☐ George Jenkins ☐ Diane Johnson ☑ Ross Johnson ☑ James Kearns
☑ Robin Kirscher ☐ John Klara ☐ Michele Klara ☐ Philip Knaub
☐ Jennifer Lane ☑ Jeffrey Langlinais ☐ KayLynn Murray ☐ Kristine Nunn
☐ Brian Obert ☐ Laura Obert ☑ Gordon Pearse ☑ Patrick Plantenberg
☐ Virginia Poole ☑ Nancy Putz ☐ John Rains ☑ Gerald Rodacker
☑ Ronald Salladay ☑ Mary Ann Salladay ☐ Victor Sample ☑ Jean Sautter
☑ Judy Schenk ☐ Kathleen Sewell ☑ Serebrena Short ☐ Duane Simonich
☐ Lauren Simonich ☐ Adam Six ☑ Charles Slyker ☐ Ty Steele
☐ Laura Stevenson ☐ Jody Toney ☐ William Upthegrove ☐ Mary Upton
☐ Hugh VanSwearingen ☑ Christopher Wright

Members marked with were in attendance

Minutes:  DRAFT

CALL TO ORDER: by President Jeff Langlinais at 6:30 pm at The Mint back room.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS/GUESTS:  Eric LeLacheur, Mary Mystik and Ed Chamberlin

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: MOTION: Patrick moved to approve the May 14 minutes and  Robin seconded the motion. Motion passed.


PROGRAM:  Eric LeLacheur, who is the geologist for the proposed Black Butte Copper mine near WSS did a presentation with good visuals.  He originally started his career at Diamond Hills mine in 2000.  His wife Angie and four kids lived here, while Eric traveled a great deal.  Eric started working at the Butte mine a year ago, where there is a high grade underground copper and some silver deposits by the south flank of the Little Belt mountains They plan to tunnel down about a mile from the portal to the first ore deposit.  They predict the mine will be able to continue production for 14 years producing 30,000 tons.  It will be a conventional cut and fill.  Half of the tailings will be put into cement and refill spaces left from ore removal. The other half will be layered across the land.  After getting licensing they’ll likely go through a lawsuit. Meanwhile, they’ll work on the portal and begin the processing plant.  This is meant to be a 21stcentury copper project demanding Environmental excellence.  They do tours on June 1st, July 3rdand August 1st.  Eric thinks this will be good for the community of Townsend as well.  They will use our businesses and our rail connections. Many workers will likely settle here.

FOUNDATION MINUTE VIDEO:  “Doing Good In the World and for the next 100 years!”

TREASURER HGHLIGHTS:  Chris informed Rotarians that there is enough money to fund George and Jen Lane’s Guatemalan trip ($2000) and the T shirts ($800) which were moved upon at the last meeting. He said there will be an additional $1200 left.  (Suggestion for T shirts color was Royal Blue with gold or yellow lettering.)


·      Board Member Election for 2019 -2020 to fill empty positions.

o  PEN nomination: MOTION:  Nancy P moved that Linda Cousineau take the PEN position for the 2019-2020 year and Jean seconded it.  The motion passed.

o  MOTION:  Patrick then moved that PEN nominations be closed.  Jean seconded his motion and it was passed. Congratulations goes out to Linda.

o  MOTION:  Judy Schenk volunteered to do the last year of the two-year term in George’s place. Randy seconded Judy’s motion and it passed. Thanks, Judy!

·      Patrick said that Jen L was asked if the Interact kids would do a presentation for the Elementary kids stressing respect and kindness towards others.  A reminder that on June 1stthey’ll be painting the sheds and helping with Vic’s Canton Church clean up. Jen needs someone to get paint and supplies for the sheds.

·      Grant Update:  Patrick said we can go ahead with both projects.

·      Fall Fest Update: First meeting was last Tuesday. Laura told Jeff that music details were coming together nicely.

o  FF grant from State of MT Tourism Event Grant program in the amount of $15,000 was applied for by Ross Johnson through information and awareness gained from Southwest Marketing.  $5000 will go for Porta Potty rentals and then the rest for advertising such as print, media and web, which will help us save money for Fall Fest.  The club will have to spend the money, and then they will reimburse us for it.  Many thanks to Ross from all of us.

·      Circus Update:  June 26this the date.  Jenni’s office and Opportunity Bank has tickets. Patrick said our goal is to sell tickets so all kids in Broadwater County can attend.  This is not a fundraiser.  Members can buy tickets so kids can attend free.  Adults are $12 and kids are $7.  Pat has tickets tonight for sale.

·      Community Clean Up Report: Jenni B said there were only 30 volunteers.  Many had to go out and help individuals with clean up of their properties, so Main street and the businesses were neglected.  The group will concentrate on helping downtown area another weekend. There will be a video on Facebook to watch.

·      Scholarship report from Bill:   Patrick said recipients of the 5 scholarships were TommieJo Steele, Amanda Bergstad, Kay Edgerton, Olivia Lynn and Molly Woodward. A total of $7500 in scholarship funds were given out by Rotary. 


·      End of Year Celebration, June 25th, Tuesday on the Lake.  Potluck dinner and then go boating. Last year it was $25 per person. Yacht Basin is closed, but members could use the dock, picnic tables and boats.

·      80thAnniversarty of the Townsend Club:  Club was established in September of 1939.  Fun committee will plan the birthday celebration.  More to come on this.

·      Townsend Facebook site needs a new administrator.  Sheine was our administrator but doesn’t have time.  Jenni B suggested we have three people share the Fall Fest Facebook site and the Townsend site.  Jean S said she will work with Lauren to learn the ins and outs of the FF site.  Jenni B and Jeff will form the rest of the Administrative team.

·      District Training Assembly in Butte on June 29th.  Chuck, Jeff, Patrick, George and Linda will probably attend.


·      June 1 - BHC Garage Sale. Funds raised go for resident activities.

·      June 1 -  Canton Church clean up and Interact painting Rotary sheds.

·      June 1 - 9:30 Golf Tourney @ Old Baldy; $200/ 4 man team.

·      June 6 - Farmer’s Market begins!

·      June 8 - ATV Run

·      June 19 - BINGO at Nursing Home with Laura & Brian O

·      June 22 – Saturday, County wide Garage Sale.

·      June 25 – Tuesday, Lake Outing with Jeff and friends.

·      June 26 – Wednesday, the Circus will be in town!  Plan to help!

·      June 27 - Thursday, SOS – We’ll need help with this too.

·      June 28 – Friday, Amish kids sing for senior centers.

·      June 29 -  Saturday, District Training in Butte.

·      July   9-13 Tuesday to Saturday, RYLA Camp


·      Robin – My granddaughter got her high school diploma.

·      Bill and Jenni – Big thank you Ross for applying for grant money!

·      Jen D – Is happy that the water mitigation is done at the Legion.

FOUR WAY TEST: Of the things we think, do, or say: Is it the TRUTH?  Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it BUILD GOODWILL AND BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?  And is it FUN!!

ADJOURN: Jeff adjourned the meeting at 7:30.  Lots of Events coming up on our roster!



MaryAnn Salladay, Club Secretary