Regular Meeting Minutes for 11/26/2019

Rotary Members:

☐ Jenni Bonser ☐ Randy Brown ☐ Nichole Brown ☐ Diane Brown
☐ Jennifer Chamberlin ☐ Debbie Clark ☐ Philip Clark ☐ Linda Cousineau
☐ Gayle Curtis ☐ Jennifer Dalrymple ☐ Shelley Douthett ☐ Ernest Forrey
☐ James Gundersen ☐ Keith Hartmann ☐ Mary Heinemann ☑ Albertina Homann
☐ Kyle Hopstad ☐ Bethany Ihle ☑ George Jenkins ☑ Brigid Jenkins
☐ Ross Johnson ☐ Diane Johnson ☑ James Kearns ☐ Robin Kirscher
☐ Michele Klara ☐ John Klara ☐ Philip Knaub ☐ Jennifer Lane
☑ Jeffrey Langlinais ☐ KayLynn Murray ☐ Kristine Nunn ☐ Laura Obert
☐ Brian Obert ☑ Peter Parr ☐ Gordon Pearse ☐ Patrick Plantenberg
☐ Virginia Poole ☑ Nancy Putz ☑ John Rains ☐ Gerald Rodacker
☐ Ronald Salladay ☐ Mary Ann Salladay ☑ Victor Sample ☑ Jean Sautter
☑ Judy Schenk ☐ Kathleen Sewell ☐ Serebrena Short ☐ Duane Simonich
☐ Lauren Simonich ☐ Adam Six ☑ Charles Slyker ☐ Jody Toney
☐ William Upthegrove ☐ Mary Upton ☐ Hugh VanSwearingen ☐ Christopher Wright
☐ Daniel Wyse

Members marked with were in attendance

Minutes: Regular Meeting Minutes - FINAL

ATTENDEES: Members = 13, Guests = 1

PLEDGE/PRAYER: For food and health and happy days, accept our gratitude and praise.  In serving others Lord may we, Repay our debt of love to thee.

CALL TO ORDER: by President Chuck at 6:30pm in the Mint back room



PROGRAM: Trauma Informed Advocates of Broadwater County

Jennifer Beatty – Infinite Hope Counseling – Studies show that the number of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) a child has had, the more likely they will have difficulties as adults.  Trauma Informed Advocates (TIA), an associate of Elevate Montana, will put on a “Chew and View” event January 9th, 6:00pm, at The Lodge to introduce the community to the related concepts and learn how to help affected children.  More importantly, TIA strives to help prevent ACEs.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: MOTION: Patrick moved to approve the Nov 12 meeting minutes; seconded by Jean; Jeff clarified that he incorporated comments/corrections from several people but didn’t redistribute corrected minutes to everyone; Passed


  • Invitation to attend the Miles City Rotary Club’s 100th birthday.
  • Invitation to financially support the Rotary float in the Rose Bowl Parade
  • Thank you from Broadwater Food Pantry for our $1000 donation. 
  • Two “Return to Sender” postcards for potential Fall Fest Car Show participants.

BIOGRAPHY:  Chuck – Something you may not know….  Although Chuck was born in San Diego and raised in southern California, he has an ancestral connection to Montana.  His grandparents both immigrated to Montana from Hungary in the 1910 era and were married in Glendive. His mother was born in Glendive. When his Mother was a young girl, the family moved to Chicago where she eventually married and moved to San Diego where Chuck's father worked for the aircraft industry supporting the war effort. 

FOUNDATION VIDEO:   Showed a brief video on the Rotary Foundation

TREASURER HIGHLIGHTS:  Chris emailed Fall Fest financials to membership.  Discussion ensued about the $15,000 grant from MT Dept of Commerce.  No one present knew status of required follow-up filings.  ACTION:  Chuck will contact Chris and Ross to confirm status.


  • Adopt-A-Family – Chuck led a meeting at 6pm tonight to confirm we have enough volunteers to do shopping for the four families budgeted by Rotary; Applications are due Dec 1; Chuck will schedule a short meeting after Dec 1 to firm up final details.
  • Dictionaries – Patrick reported that dictionaries were delivered to local third-graders on Nov 15th.
  • Fall Fest Thank You Dinner – Pat heard good reports; Vic suggested selecting a smaller venue in the future to stimulate more energy; 4H building too big.
  • Disposition of Old Rotary Sign on East Side of Town – Patrick removed the sign and sent required paperwork to State.  There is a group of signs in the area that already has the Rotary wheel on it, so replacing the old sign was not necessary.
  • Senior Project Update – None
  • Legion Project Update – None
  • Phil’s Forest – Volunteers will meet at the empty lot west of city hall this Saturday (Nov 30).  They will harvest trees from the Elkhorns with a permit acquired by Phil K., return and set the trees, and begin decorating.  Needed: 3 trucks, 2 trailers, and 2 chainsaws.
  • Senior Light Tour
    • Contact John Rains if you want to help
    • Brigid asked for volunteers to cook cookies; contact Brigid if you are interested!


  • Christmas Party – Dec 6 in the basement of the Catholic Church.
    • 6:00 = Happy Hour; 6:30 = Dinner; 10:00 = end
    • Drinks = Leftover from Fall Fest Beer, Wine, Pop … or you can bring your own.
    • Food = Lasagna - Catered by Missy Rauser
    • Pot Luck Dessert Contest = “Most Festive”, “Best Tasting”, “Most Malnutritious”
      • Judy will get $10 gift certificates from Bob’s, Townsend Hardware & Townsend Drug
    • Entertainment
    • Johnny K – music during dinner & karaoke
    • Costumes Are Welcome; Best costume prizes = Gift Certificates (Commercial, True Value)
    • Games ???
    • Decorate at 4:00 on Dec 6
  • 2020-21 Board Nominations – Judy, Gord, Diane Brown, Patrick; still need a PEN (who will serve as president in 2022-23).
  • Interact International Project – Interact is looking into foreign travel opportunities.
  • Volunteers for Free Christmas Dinner, Dec 25th, Methodist Church – The Chamber, MVM, Lions & Rotary will coordinate to help put this event together; Vic, Patrick, Nichole Brown = Rotary’s representatives


  • Nov 28 = Free Thanksgiving Dinner, 4:00 at Legion
  • Nov 30 = Phil’s Forest
  • Dec 6 = Club’s Christmas Party
  • Dec 6&7 – Christmas Arts and Crafts Show (Museum)
  • Dec 7 = Christmas Stroll, 3:30 – 7:30
  • Dec 10 = Rotary Meetings
  • Dec 14 = Christmas Connection, Fire Hall
  • Dec 16-17 = Senior Dinner and Light Tour
  • Dec 18 = Bingo at Nursing Home
  • Dec 25 = Christmas Dinner Methodist Church
  • Dec 31 =Roaring 20’s Party at the Lodge   
  • Jan 9 = Chew & View, 6:00pm at The Lodge, hosted by Trauma Informed Advocates (TIA)


  • Patrick – Partners in Community Forestry presentation in Cleveland, OH
  • Bill – Griz lost to MSU
  • John – Just back from a vacation in Australia
  • Jeff – Went to TX to see Willie Nelson

50:50 – Proceeds go to Interact

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: One dollar collected.

FOUR WAY TEST: Of the things we think, do, or say: Is it the TRUTH?  Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it BUILD GOODWILL AND BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?  And is it FUN!!


Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Langlinais, Club Secretary