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Regular Meeting Minutes for 12/10/2019

Submitted by Jeff Langlinais on Thu, 01/16/2020 - 15:25

Rotary Members:

☐ Jenni Bonser ☑ Diane Brown ☑ Randy Brown ☑ Nichole Brown
☑ Jennifer Chamberlin ☑ Philip Clark ☐ Debbie Clark ☑ Linda Cousineau
☐ Gayle Curtis ☑ Jennifer Dalrymple ☐ Shelley Douthett ☐ Ernest Forrey
☐ James Gundersen ☐ Keith Hartmann ☐ Mary Heinemann ☑ Albertina Homann
☐ Kyle Hopstad ☐ Bethany Ihle ☑ Brigid Jenkins ☑ George Jenkins
☐ Diane Johnson ☐ Ross Johnson ☑ James Kearns ☐ Robin Kirscher
☐ John Klara ☐ Michele Klara ☐ Philip Knaub ☑ Jennifer Lane
☑ Jeffrey Langlinais ☐ KayLynn Murray ☐ Kristine Nunn ☐ Brian Obert
☐ Laura Obert ☐ Peter Parr ☑ Gordon Pearse ☑ Patrick Plantenberg
☐ Virginia Poole ☑ Nancy Putz ☑ John Rains ☑ Gerald Rodacker
☐ Mary Ann Salladay ☐ Ronald Salladay ☑ Victor Sample ☑ Jean Sautter
☑ Judy Schenk ☐ Kathleen Sewell ☐ Serebrena Short ☐ Lauren Simonich
☐ Duane Simonich ☐ Adam Six ☑ Charles Slyker ☑ Jody Toney
☐ William Upthegrove ☐ Mary Upton ☐ Hugh VanSwearingen ☐ Christopher Wright
☐ Daniel Wyse

Members marked with were in attendance


Rotary Club of Townsend
Regular Meeting Minutes - APPROVED
December 10, 2019

ATTENDEES: Members = 23, Guests = 5

PLEDGE/PRAYER: For food and health and happy days, accept our gratitude and praise.  In serving others Lord may we Repay our debt of love to thee.

CALL TO ORDER: by President Chuck at 6:30pm in the Mint back room

WELCOME GUESTS: Kendra Lenhardt & Andrea Groom with St Peter’s Hospital, Daniel Wyse, Jenny Clowes, Ed Chamberlin

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: MOTION: Patrick moved to approve the November 26 and December 6 meeting minutes (Dec 6 was the Holiday Party); seconded by Bill; Passed

CORRESPONDENCE: Thank-You from Broom & Brush; email from Serebrena Short notifying that she moved and wishes to be removed from Rotary; Letter from Carla Amondson requesting that Rotary fund the purchase of floral headpieces for 3rd-grade girls.

PROGRAM: Saint Peter’s Hospital – Kendra Lenhardt and Andrea Groom, from St Pete’s gave an update on St Pete’s plans related to Townsend.  Previously, they were very Helena-focused.  They have a new leadership team and are moving to have a local presence in communities in the five counties they primarily serve.  Communications started with BHC when St Pete’s was planning their outlying strategy. A modular building will be set in the lot next to Family Dollar and they will be using local contractors for plumbing and flooring.  Their plan is to build a permanent building in the future.  They will provide primary care (physician and PA) and plan to open this spring – hopefully in April.  Townsend will be their first outlying clinic, but they see collaboration as the way of the future for small communities.  They are partnering with Bozeman Health to provide expertise beyond what they have within their facilities.

TREASURER HIGHLIGHTS: Chuck will set up meeting with Chris to discuss budget questions.


  • Motion approved to purchase headpieces for $71.93; This is the group who performs at Fall Fest; the head pieces will be used for Fall Fest and other performing events. 
  • Motion approved to purchase three new Rotary signs and three new Interact signs at $120 each to place at the North, South and East ends of town.
  • Motion approved to pay $150 towards covering expenses for the Free Christmas-Day Dinner at Methodist Church.   Although there are many donations to cover costs, historically there has been about $150 that has not been covered by donations. 


  • Holiday party was a great success & all had fun.  Thank you Fun Committee!
  • Rotarians helped put up a fence at The Lodge; Tina paid us $1800 for our labor.  Thanks, Tina!
  • Two families applied for Adopt-a-Family.  One family is a mom and two children, the other is mom, dad and five children.  Chuck & Jane will take the small family; Jeff/Dawn & Vic/Pam will split the larger family.
  • Old Rotary sign on East end of town was cited for being in violation of its permit.  The old sign was removed and the permit relinquished.  New Rotary and Interact signs were approved for mounting on the Lions display board at the board meeting.
  • Projects: Senior Center and Legion – Patrick submitted a required progress report to the Rotary District.  Jen D reports that the Legion is preparing for their Christmas dinner, but then they will be cleaning
  • Senior Dinner & Light Tour Dec 16 & 17 – John R asked for volunteers.
  • Free Christmas Day Dinner – Volunteers needed!  This annual event is in need of volunteers.  Contact Patrick, Vic or Nichole if you can help.
  • 2020-2021 Board Nominations – Chuck opened nominations for board and leadership positions.
    • Jody, Patrick and Diane were nominated for Board Member at-Large positions.  MOTION: Jean moved to approve these three as members of the 2020-2021 board; seconded by Vic; passed.
    • John R. was nominated for Sargent-at-Arms.  MOTION: Linda moved to approve John as SAA; seconded by Gord; Passed.
    • No one nominated for PEN (president elect nominee), but Jen Lane is thinking about it…


  • Interact Update – Jen L reported that Interact is busy helping with the Christmas Stroll, Christmas Connection, High School Trivia (Jan 3?), and Freshman Leadership Training (Jan 22).  Twelve Interactors plan to go to Morocco this June; there will be five chaperones (Linda and Jeff will represent Rotary).  Estimated cost is $2500/person.  Interactors will raise much of their own money.  If you have a project, consider hiring an Interactor so they can earn money for the trip.
  • Prospective member – with no opposition via email, Creath Larson is approved as a prospective member.
  • Volunteers needed to help with the free Christmas Dinner to be held at the Methodist Church on Christmas day.  Vic will send an email with a SignUpGenius link if you’d like to help out.
  • Bingo @ Senior Center – Dec 18 = Mary H and Judy S; Jan 15 = Jen & Ed Chamberlin; the signup sheet was circulated.
  • No meeting Dec 24!  Our next meeting is January 14.
  • Christmas Light Judging – Jean Judy and Nancy will judge local lights and announce top three winners.  First = $100; 2nd = $75 and 3rd = $50.


  • Dec 14 = Christmas Connection, Fire Hall
  • Dec 15 = Cookie packing at Brigid’s
  • Dec 16-17 = Senior Dinner and Light Tour
  • Dec 18 = Bingo at Nursing Home
  • Dec 25 = Christmas Dinner @ Methodist Church
  • Dec 31 =Roaring 20’s Party at the Lodge
  • Jan 9 = TIA Chew and View 6 PM, Lodge
  • Jan 14 = Rotary Meetings


  • Bill K – He and Anita will be going south in January
  • Judy is retiring!
  • Patrick is a great grandfather!
  • Vic reports that Robin’s mother fell and required surgery and that her dad had cancer and required surgery.
  • Nancy is headed to Billings where her son will receive an award for saving a woman’s life earlier this year.

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: One dollar collected.

50:50 => Local Library

FOUR WAY TEST: Of the things we think, do, or say: Is it the TRUTH?  Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it BUILD GOODWILL AND BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?  And is it FUN!!


Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Langlinais, Club Secretary