Interact Club hosts Freshmen Orientation

On August 29th the Townsend Rotary sponsored Interact Club hosted a Freshman Orientation/Team Building event at Heritage Fun Park. The purpose of the event was to help the incoming Freshman Class adapt to being in the high school environment and build a team attitude for the entire class.

The event was sponsored by the Interact Club, the Broadwater Schools, the Rotary Club and the Broadwater Community Foundation.

Interact is a Rotary sponsored youth organization for children 12-18 years of age whose mission is to help students develop leadership skills they can use throughout their life. The Townsend Rotary sponsored Interact Club was formed by an exceptional group of students in our community. One of the priorities they identified was to create an inclusive environment in the school that would help every student be accepted by their peers and make them feel more comfortable in the school environment.

Many of the Interact members have attended RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) and felt that the activities at that event would be beneficial in helping foster the team environment at BHS. They felt that bringing in Karen Grosz , a professional team building coach, would be the most effective way to accomplish their goal.

Karen worked with the Interact Club members to design a program specifically targeting that age group with the mission of helping the Freshman Class forge new and stronger relationships with everyone. Karen was the event leader and the Interact Club members were counselors and leaders working with the individual freshmen.

The 3 hour event was filled with a variety of fun team building exercises and a breakout session where each Interact counselor led a group discussion with their team about the high school environment.

The entire event was a great success with all of the Freshman class engaged and participating!  To view a photo gallery of the event click on Freshmen Orientation Gallery.

This is the third leadership even sponsored by the Townsend Interact Club. Karen Grosz is using the Townsend model to develop a statewide program for Montana schools.