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Interact Club Conducts Freshman Leadership/Team Training at BHS

Submitted by Pat Plantenberg on Sun, 04/28/2019 - 10:45

On April 18th, the Townsend Rotary sponsored Interact Club hosted a Broadwater High School (BHS) Freshman Class Leadership Training/Team Building event at BHS. The purpose of the event was to continue the Freshman Class training conducted at the beginning of the school year by the Interact Club.

Interact is a Rotary sponsored youth organization for children 12-18 years of age whose mission is to help students develop leadership and team training skills they can use throughout their lives. The Townsend Rotary sponsored Interact Club was formed by an exceptional group of students in our community.

Many of the Interact Club members have attended the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy) and felt that the activities learned at the Academy would be beneficial in helping train future leaders and foster a team environment at BHS. Club members consulted with Karen Grosz of Canvas Creek Consulting, a professional team building coach and trainer at RYLA, to develop the training techniques used at the event.

The training program used specifically targeted the freshman age group with the mission of helping the Freshman Class forge new and stronger relationships with everyone. Jen Lane, Interact Club advisor, was the event leader and the Interact Club members were counselors and leaders working with several freshmen teams at various training stations. Jen Lane, her husband, and Club members built various props used at the event

The 2 ½ hour event was filled with a variety of fun team building/leadership exercises. The Rotary Club furnished pizza for all the participants.

The entire event was a great success keeping all of the Freshman Class engaged and participating! This is the fourth leadership event sponsored by the Interact Club. Karen Grosz is using the Townsend Interact leadership/team training model in developing a statewide program for Montana schools.