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Circus Coming to Townsend June 26

Submitted by Pat Plantenberg on Sun, 04/28/2019 - 10:51

(Townsend) (May 3) — The Rotary Club of Townsend has signed a contract with the Culpeper and Merriweather Circus to be in Townsend for two shows on June 26. Please be aware that the Circus hires a telemarketing firm to help sell tickets. You will be receiving a call from the firm asking you to purchase Circus tickets for children and seniors. Two years ago, over 200 tickets were purchased by local residents and companies and given to children and seniors from Broadwater County!


If you want to purchase adult tickets tell the telemarketers and they will give the Rotary Club of Townsend your name so Rotary can contact you. Thank you Broadwater County! Any questions please contact Patrick Plantenberg at 431-4615.