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Interact Club helps with historic Canton Church Cleanup

Submitted by vsample on Tue, 06/04/2019 - 09:06

This spring the local Townsend Rotary Interact Club was approached by  Canton Church Restoration, Inc to help with the annual spring cleanup at the historic Church.  The Canton Church group offered to pay the Interact Club members the same rate that Townsend Rotary hires the Club to work at Fall Fest.

The Interact Club countered the Cantor Church offer -- they offered to help with the cleanup for free!

On June 1st, 12 Interact Club members went out to the Canton Church to help with the cleanup. With their help the cleanup was done in about 2 hours. The Canton Church group said that it would normally have taken them 5-6 hours to do the cleanup of the Church.

But with the Interact Club help the Canton Church cleanup included mowing/weeding the entire property and fertilizing the trees with fertilizer spikes. Canton Church Board members said it would have taken several more hours on yet another day to get everything done!

BTW: Canton Church Restoration did make a donation to the Interact Club to help finance the Interact Club trip to Guatemala.