Rotarians Building a Fence at The Lodge of Townsend

Townsend Rotarian Tina Homann purchased and renovated the local Masonic Hall and created The Lodge of Townsend.  The Lodge was created to be a community building hosting events, community theatre, teen room, and meeting venue.  The most important use of The Lodge was to provide the community with a pre-school/daycare.  

The pre-school/daycare is scheduled to open on August 27 (coinciding with the start of the Broadwater County School Year).  However, rules require a fence around the daycare door and playground.  Tina received bids for building the fence -- and they were exorbinant.  Tina then asked the local Rotary Club for assistance in building the fence.

Recognizing the community need for the daycare and the opportunity to aid a fellow Rotarian a number of Rotarians volunteered to help.

Ron Salladay, Pat Plantenburg, Bill Upthegove, Vic Sample and Keith Kirscher (Rotary spouse) all showed up on a Saturday to help prepare the playground area and to dig post holes. The next Monday Rotarians worked to pour concrete and set the fence corner posts. 

Over the next week Rotarians will help Ron Salladay construct and install the fence panels.