Peter Parr presents "Creating a Lasting Legacy" at Rotary Meeting

Townsend Rotary's newest member, Peter Parr, made a presentation to the Townsend Rotary Club on October 22, 2019.  Peter was born in Minnesota but his family moved to Africa when he was very young. Peter grew up in Africa and spent his adult life working on projects in Africa and the middle east.

Creating a Lasting Legacy

Peter described some of his early years in Africa and how he learned about the importance of building a legacy. Through his many projects he learned that focusing on the bigger picture legacy rather than having a selfish focus helped make projects successful. He summarized by describing why big development projects either failed or succeeded. 


Projects that lacked vision and purpose with a poor approach led to failures. Those failures led to low trust, greed, poor structure and marketing.


Projects with good vision, approach, objectives, communication and planning led to success. In turn the successes led to constant learning, improvement, growth, good products and customer service. Pride in company and product leads to impact and contribution.