Rotary Club of Townsend Actions during the COVID-19 Shutdown

Using Remote Meeting Technology- Jeff Langlinais, Secretary

The Club reviewed many available forms of remote meeting technologies and we tried the Zoom Meeting platform for a test meeting on March 24. Now we are using Cisco’s WebEx platform. The Club used the technology for Board and Regular meetings on April 14th.


Paint the Senior Center, Vic Sample’s wife Pam Sample, Jenni Bonser, Patrick Plantenberg, and others

As part of our Rotary District grant for Fiscal Year 2019-2020, the Club would paint the inside of the Senior Center. Before the shutdown, Jenni Bonser and Pam Sample partially cleaned the walls and painted test splotches with variable colors and the Seniors have picked their favorite color. Dates were set to completely clear off walls and start cleaning all walls. However, the dates were cancelled. The Club successfully negotiated on April 14th with Rocky Mountain Development Council and established cleaning and painting protocols to let 3-4 people into the Center at a time to complete the project during the shutdown. Work will begin Friday April 17th.


Donating all Our Fall Fest Sanitary Supplies to County Health Department-Brian Obert, Patrick Plantenberg, Philip Knaub

Brian Obert, Economic Development Specialist with the Montana Business Assistance Connection and Rotary Club member recommended that the Club donate all the left-over sanitary supplies from our annual Fall Fest to help with the shortage of hand sanitizer supplies and nitrile gloves. Club members rounded up and donated three hand sanitizer stations and all our left over hand sanitizer supplies to the Broadwater County Health Department who distributed the hand sanitizer stations to three of the busiest stores open during the shutdown: Bob’s Supermarket, Family Dollar, and Rocky Mountain Supply. In addition, we donated seven boxes of nitrile gloves, face masks, and disinfectant spray.


Townsend Resident Using Rotary Hand Sanitizer at Bob’s Supermarket.



Car Wash Window Washing Bottles to Helena Businesses Making Alcohol for Hand Sanitizers

Brian Obert, John Rains

Brian Obert is working with two Helena businesses that want to make hand sanitizer. The Club had a couple of hundred 4 oz. spray bottles of window wash left over from our Fall Fest Car Show supplies. The bottles were donated to the manufacturers for use in their product testing program.

MVM Business Assistance Grants to help businesses, community members and community service organizations. Vic Sample, Patrick Plantenberg, Jeff Langlinais, and others

Missouri Valley Marketing has been conducting a fundraising campaign to help local businesses during the shutdown. Rotary is one of the organizations on the grant review committee.

Take Down Skating Rink for Townsend Skating Rink LLC-Patrick Plantenberg, Jeff Langlinais, Gord Pearse, Philip Knaub

Rotary Club members took down the temporary skating rink in Holloway Park for the Townsend Skating Rink LLC.

Developing Scholarship Application, Interview, and Review Protocol - Bill Upthegrove and the Scholarship Committee

The Club awards at least three scholarships annually to Broadwater High School students. Bill Upthegrove has initiated discussions with the high school counselor and committee members on how to award the scholarships without a face-to-face interview.

Developing Contingency Budget Plans in Case the Club’s Major Fundraiser Does Not Supply Needed Budget for Fiscal Year 2021-2022

The Rotary Club Board will meet on April 21th to develop a contingency budget plan in case our annual fundraiser, the Townsend Fall Fest, is cancelled or only produces a fraction of the funds needed to fund club activities in 2021-2022.