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Spread the Word-Rotary

Patrick Plantenberg, District 5390 Public Image Chair

Rotary Club of Townsend

On July 21, 2016, the Rotary Club of Townsend celebrated its second Slice of Summer family fun day.  Several young bicyclists from Missouri that are biking from coast to coast saw the sandwich boards and marques around town announcing the event.  The bicyclists came to the park, had some brats and ice cream, listened to some country western music, visited with the Townsend Rotarians about the event and the bicyclists’ coast to coast trip, and returned to the campground where they were spending the night.  Back at the campground, two new older bicyclists from Washington had arrived.  The Missouri bicyclists told the Washington bikers about the Slice of Summer event, so the Washington bikers pedaled on down for a brat and ice cream.  

One of the Washington bicyclists, Steve Harvey, is a 30-year Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Kelso, WA.  It happened to be his meeting night in Washington so he approached the Rotary brat booth and said jokingly “I’m here for my make-up meeting!”  The local Rotarians proceeded to visit with Steve and his friend Art Birkmeyer from Longview, WA about their four-week bike ride which would take them through Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.  Sadly, the brats were all sold out but Steve and Art got ice cream cones, listened to the country music, and the two Rotary Clubs were discussed.  Steve and Art were offered showers and accommodations for the night if needed.  I noticed Art did not have his Rotary pin on.  He noticed that I was wearing the new Rotary Image magnetic pin (See below). 



I carry an extra pin with me at all times and I offered Steve the pin as a gift from the Townsend Club.  Steve and Art thanked us for the hospitality, the visit, and returned to their campground.  I’m sure Steve will wear the pin proudly for the rest for the trip spreading the word-Rotary







Three Missouri Bicyclists at Slice of Summer








Art Birkmeyer and Kelso Rotarian, Steve Harvey, at Slice of Summer