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Rotarians Tour Cabin Gulch Vegetation Treatment Project

Submitted by vsample on Tue, 08/02/2016 - 05:11

Local Rotarians were invited to tour the Lions Club sponsored trip to view what most local people are calling “logging up Cabin Gulch”.  Tour participants were treated to a review of the “Vegetation Treatment Project” which is designed to make vegetation more resistant and resilient to disturbances, reduce forest fuels buildup, improve water quality by reducing sedimentation, and provide timber products to local communities.  

 RY Timber has been logging in the area since May 2014.  To date $5.2 million has been generated from the harvest of timber.  Sale area activities in the area funded with timber sale receipts total $2.3 million.  Income generated by the project stays local to help meet restoration objectives for the project area and fund environmental analyses on other projects to provide timber outputs.  Total harvest operations have supported 257 jobs with a total labor income of $14 million or $54,500 per job.  The timber harvest also generated $5.3 million in federal and state taxes.