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What Makes Rotarians Special?

Submitted by Pat Platenberg on Mon, 10/17/2016 - 11:37

The Rotary Foundation is celebrating its 100th year anniversary in 2017.  The Montana Rotary District 5390 is sponsoring dinners around the state to celebrate one of the greatest charitable foundations in the world.  My wife Mary and I attended one of those dinners as the Townsend Rotary Club representatives on October 7 at the 320 Ranch in Gallatin Canyon. 

 I went to the bar to get Mary and me a glass of wine and introduced myself to a lady also buying a drink.  Her name was Linda Reynolds and she was from one of the Bozeman Rotary Clubs.  She did a double take when I introduced myself and said “I need to talk to you privately later in the evening”.   I guess I showed concern on my face so she continued “Don’t worry- It is a good thing”.

Later Linda joined my wife and me and she explained the situation.  It seems she was a neighbor of mine when I had my landscaping business in Bozeman and I did some work for her in the early 1980’s.   I sent her a bill and she wrote a check.  Years later she found the check which she had never mailed.  I had never sent her a follow–up bill as I always write on invoices “Please pay what you can afford”. 

This unpaid bill bothered her over the years and she hoped to eventually run into me and settle the debt.  She explained that she had just thought about it again a few weeks before the dinner.   I told her to forget about it and that it was not important.  She insisted that she was going to pay that bill.   After the dinner, Mary showed me an envelope that Linda had dropped off at our table. 

When Mary and I got home we opened the envelope and were shocked to find a check for $1,000.  I’m sure the work I did for her did not total more than a couple of hundred dollars.  She had a note in the envelope saying “Please accept this money.  If you don’t want it please donate it to a worthy cause”.   I plan to donate it to a worthy cause- the Rotary Foundation.

Thank you Linda.  Your debt is paid in full after more than 30 years.   I’m proud that you are a Rotarian.  

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