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Tasmanian Friendship Exchange

Submitted by Rick Moore on Fri, 10/21/2016 - 14:54

Our friends in the great District of 9830-Tasmania are interested in doing a Friendship Exchange. This is a great opportunity for a group of up to 12 Rotarians/partners to visit Tasmania and experience the beauty of that island, enjoying Rotary friendship and fellowship while being home hosted around the island. A team of approximately 6 couples would travel around the Australian state of Tasmania for two weeks learning about the culture, visiting places not normally on the tourist map, meeting Tasmanian Rotarians and making great friends.

The trip will take place in February, departing Montana on January 31, 2017 and returning to Montana February 16th. This is an ideal time to visit Tasmania due to ideal traveling weather. Montana Rotarians will be responsible for their travel to and from Tasmania, lodging for one night upon arrival and one night upon departure. You can, of course, extend the time and visit mainland Australia if desired.

The schedule for the "Team" visit is:

    • Depart Montana Tuesday, January 31
    • Arrive Hobart, Tasmania Thursday, February 2 (Note: approximately 26 hours travel time, and day "lost" when crossing the International Dateline.)
    • Depart Launceston, Tasmania, Thursday January 16
    • Arrive Montana Thursday, January 16 (You get back your "lost" day on the return trip)

If you look at a map, Tasmania is a bit like an upside down triangle with the capital Hobart in the south and our second city Launceston in the north. There are no direct flights from overseas terminating here so you will have to go through one of the International terminals (Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane) then transfer to either Hobart or Launceston.

The Tasmanians can accommodate up to 12 people on this exchange. I currently have 5 confirmed people interested, and 4 who have tentatively said they would go. If you (and your spouse/partner) are interested in participating in this Rotary Friendship Exchange, please let Rick Moore know. You can contact Rick at