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Rotarians Pass out Treats at Nursing Home

Submitted by Pat Platenberg on Mon, 11/07/2016 - 10:53

On Halloween, Townsend Rotarians passed out treats to the nursing home residents at Broadwater Health Center.  I flew in from New York City after my shift in the sewers was completed.  Unfortunately my fellow Honeymooners, Ralph, Alice, and Trixie, could not make the trip because Ralph wanted to bring his bus.  And you can’t get Alice to fly because she has always been afraid of “going to the moon!”.  So, I brought along my flapper friend (aka Kathy Sewell).  Don’t tell Trixie! 

 Also accompanying me at the nursing home, were a priest and a nun (Brian and Laura Obert) and the Lone Stranger and Deviled Egg (Jeff and Dawn Langlinais). 

 We had a great time having the residents guess who we were and passing out treats.  The old folks remembered my Honeymooner Days and of course my flapper friend was a big hit!  The priest and nun were there to provide some comfort to the giggling residents and to take confessions.  Of course, Brian’s mom couldn’t believe her son and daughter-in-law as a priest and nun!   The Lone Stranger was very quiet as he watched for crimes he may be able to solve or damsels in distress he could help.  The Deviled Egg confounded some residents.  Later at the Commercial someone did ask Dawn “Why didn’t you dress up for Halloween”? 

Submitted by Ed Norton


(aka Patrick Plantenberg)


 Just another way Rotarians serve your community! 

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