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Mussel Alert

Submitted by vsample on Fri, 04/14/2017 - 13:40

In October 2016 invasive mussel larvae were discovered for the first time in Montana. Tiber Reservoir was confirmed positive for larvae and Canyon Ferry Reservoir was listed as unconfirmed suspect for larvae. In response to those discoveries, all boats recreating in these two lakes will require decontamination upon exit of these waterbodies. The local boater program was created to ease this process for local boaters who recreate primarily at Tiber Reservoir or primarily at Canyon Ferry Reservoir.

What is the Local Boater Program?

  • The program is applicable only for Canyon Ferry or Tiber Reservoirs.
  • There will be boat ramps on these reservoirs that will be designated as “local boater only” boat ramps. Only vessels that have been certified by the program will be allowed to use these ramps.
  • It will allow you to avoid the need for decontamination if your next boating trip is on the same waterbody.
  • The purpose of the program is to decrease the volume of boats at the decontamination stations and to allow FWP to focus on boats traveling elsewhere.

Boat Ramps on Tiber and Canyon Ferry Reservoirs

Most boat ramps located around Tiber and Canyon Ferry Reservoirs are open to “local boaters.” The maps below indicate the current status of each boat ramp on these waterbodies. Local boaters who use a local boat ramp are not required to seek out a decontamination station when they exit the waterbody if their next planned boat outing will be on the same waterbody. Local boaters are required to visit a decontamination station after exiting the waterbody if their next planned trip is on a waterbody other than the waterbody that they are a local boater on.

To read more about the Local Boater Certification and to complete the online test click on Local Boater Certification.