Rotary Gives Third Graders Dictionaries

On October 29, Rotary Club of Townsend members passed out dictionaries to the third graders at Cecelia Hazelton Elementary School. Montana Rotary District 5390 dues fund this statewide project in Montana. It is always a pleasure to see the kids looking at their very own new dictionary.


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Regular Meeting Minutes for 12/12/2017

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Board Meeting Minutes for 12/12/2017

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☑ Laura Obert- president ☑ Chris Wright- treasurer ☑ Jeff Langlinais- sec/PE ☐ Linda Cousineau- sgt@arms
☑ Ross Johnson- pastpres ☐ Duane Simonich ☑ Patrick Plantenberg ☑ Victor Sample
☑ Jean Sautter ☑ Adam Six ☐ Laura Stevenson ☑ Charles Slyker - PEN

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