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Serebrina Short Joins Townsend Rotary

Submitted by Pat Plantenberg on Tue, 11/27/2018 - 06:47

(Townsend November 18) The Rotary Club of Townsend has survived since 1939 and has become the club to go to if something needs to be done in our community. Rotary is always looking for potential new members to continue that tradition. Many service organizations like Rotary are struggling to find new energetic members. Fortunately, another new young Rotary member has been recruited in Townsend.

Townsend Rotary welcomes back Jennifer Chamberlin

Submitted by vsample on Wed, 10/10/2018 - 09:40

On Oct 9th, 2018 Townsend Rotary welcomed back Jennifer Chamberlin as a member.  Jennifer was previously a member of the Townsend Rotary and has rejoined the Rotary Club.  All Rotary members were excited to have Jennifer back with us.

Rotary President Jeff Langlinais inducted Jennifer back into the club membership.

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